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In this fast paced and ever changing society we are living in we sometimes start to question what is going on, and then we start seeking answers from somewhere. Things are happening for a reason, and there is a grand plan playing itself out externally and internally in all our realities. Nothing stays the same, everything is in movement, and if we don’t move then we get shaken, stirred and spun around and sometimes we fall down and we say to ourselves “Why me?” “Why is this happening to me, again?”

When this happens, then we need to question our thought patterns to see how and what we have been thinking. As our thoughts are SO POWERFUL that we pull to ourselves what we think through the Law of Cause and Effect or Magnetics. So sometimes we need to go back to basics and learn to recognize what we are attracting to ourselves, into our lives by our own thought process. Are we giving away our power to another force, as we are not in-control of our own life, and are we allowing ourselves to be controlled. We need to get out of the auto drive, and get back into manual drive, so we can become aware of what we are doing, and where we are going, and when this happens we  begin to re-gain our power, and let go of fear.

We are fearful of the unknown, as we don’t know ourselves, we fear about things in our lives as we don’t understand the patterns we are creating. So, re-gain your power, step inside yourself and get an understanding of what is going on, get to know yourself and then you can control your own destiny and improve your life while on your journey. We are all Divine Mystical Beings and should be on a magnificent journey to know and experience ourselves, and we should be loving the experiences, not hating or fearing it, When we hate or fear our journey we are on, them we are not understanding the thought patterns we are self-creating, and we are giving away our own power.

If you need help to regain your power, then these two personal development books will be a great place for you to start. You can use them as a starting piece, or corner piece of a jigsaw puzzle which can help you build your own picture, the one you want, the one you dream and fantasize about. Live your life as was intended which is in the vibration of love.

Only you can change your life for the better. Only you can take the

step-by-step process in YOUR life.”

But you maybe unsure where to put that next step! 

“Life is like a game of chess, to win you need to make a move, but knowing which move to make comes with insight and knowledge and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way.”

“You cannot change something if you are not aware of your options, Discover what your options are.”

 “Don’t have regrets, just learn from these experiences and move forward.”

Taken from the book  “The Minds Use-fullness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User”


Life is a step by step process,

and each step matters, because

it will take you to where you want to be.

Take the time to see where you want to be,

and place the next step

towards that vision.

Where is it leading  you.

Life has some sudden turns that spin you

off  track.

Sometimes it’s a little harder to get back on track.

But that’s where you need to be,

to learn the lessons that present themselves to you.

Life is about the journey

to the destination, so enjoy the experiences,

as you return to the source

“The Kingdom of the Divine.”

Let go all that does not serve you well, you cannot carry all this luggage or baggage while walking to your destination. Take with you what you need, what serves you, what is helpful to you and most importantly what your love and what loves you.

Think about it this way – “What can I carry with me in my life’s backpack.”

What does not weigh me down, what does not take away my energy. What does not make me feel good? – Those of the things you can let go of, thank and bless them for the experience they gave you, go let them go as you move forward, in love, light and in peace.


-Not the things you don’t want, as either way, you will pull them to you.

Remember – “Your inner strength is your outer foundation”

As the Great Master Kuthumi says “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

The Minds Use-fullness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User

Self - Awareness - Development - Help - Improvement - Mind Power - Motivation -Life - Coach - Transformation Book

Self – Awareness – Development – Help – Improvement – Mind Power – Motivation -Life – Coach – Transformation Book

This basic, yet powerful philosophy will help you with Inner-Alchemy to help you bring about your own Self-Transformation and will help you become your own life-coach and improve your own life at your own pace. Sometimes we need to go back to basics, to recapture that what we know, to refresh our minds of who we are, and what our purpose is. Life is so busy that we don’t always take note of the things we say or do. We become auto driven, and not always to our benefit. So we must take notice now and make sure our auto pilot has our best interest at heart. If not, then we need to re-programme our life to benefit ourselves.

We are CO-CREATORS of this Planet

This book will teach every single person something that will help them in and on their journey. The book will guide you on your inner journey and help you understand the role you are playing, sometimes good, other times not so good, so this book will bring awareness to these factors at play.

“The most important thing in your life is your own be-ing. Without knowing the essence of your being, your heart will always remain empty and dis-satisfied. Without recognition of who you are, without inwardly awakening you stumble like a drunkard through a maze of meaningless limitations.” Quote from The minds use-fullness depends on the thoughts of the user.

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Today…we are going to fly high.

Self - Awareness - Development - Help - Improvement - Mind Power - Motivation -Life - Coach - Transformation Book

Self – Awareness – Development – Help – Improvement – Mind Power – Motivation -Life – Coach – Transformation Book

“Transform your life by acting differently.”

“Re-write your thinking to change your life for the better.”

This POSITIVE POWER and MOTIVATION BOOK will help bring AWARENESS into your own life.

Your life is what is going on INSIDE of yourself right now, which inturn reflects outwards and manifests your outer reality.

This book is designed to help you get off to a GREAT start first thing in the morning and get your mind set correct to face your day knowing that all is well and life will improve daily, and YOU too will eventually begin to fly high.

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Become your OWN Life Coach
“Inspire and uplift your own life
with this simplistic yet life changing Positive Power and Motivational book”

Become your OWN Life Coach TODAY

and bring that desired life to you that you always dream of.

Self - Awareness - Development - Help - Improvement - Mind Power - Motivation -Life - Coach - Transformation Book

Self – Awareness – Development – Help – Improvement – Mind Power – Motivation -Life – Coach – Transformation Book

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