Who will benifit from these Personal and Spiritual Growth books?

Welcome to Self Discovery

Self Discovery = Personal Development in Personal and Spiritual Growth

Self Discovery = Smiling Eyes

Who Am I?

These books are A GREAT STARTING POINT FOR YOU, if you are looking to change or enhance your world:- Self – Self Discovery – Personal Growth – Spiritual Growth – Spiritual Healing – Spiritual Living – Spiritual Journey – Self Improvement – Awareness – Motivation – Self Realisation – Confidence in Yourself.

It is fantastic that you are seeking to improve your life in Spiritual and Personal Growth matters, to bring awareness and meaning into your life.

Become your Own Life-Coach Today and improve your life at your own pace.

“Without knowing the essence of your being, your heart will always remain empty and dis-satisfied. Without recognition of who you are, without inwardly awakening you stumble like a drunkard through a maze of meaningless limitations. Quote from The Mind’s Use-Fullness Depends On Thoughts Of The User

Life is a step by step process from our birth to our death/rebirth.

So each step really does matter.

What we think and do plays a major role in the outcome of that day, and all the other days that will follow.

The changing point in my life was when I wanted to understand Who I was. So I started with my motto:- As long as I am learning something every day, it doesn’t matter how small or large that something is, it’s something that I didn’t know and have learnt and added to my knowledge and character. (The wisdom only came later to put it into practice)

So, What is Self Discovery? Self Discovery is the study or research of yourself, finding out about Self.

It is going back to school in a way but this time the lessons to learn are about you. Life is a constant process of learning. It is about understanding who you are as an individual. Where you come from, and what your purpose is and how do you fit in all of this creation.

Through this discovery you will uncover so much about yourself, and through this awareness you can let go that which no longer serves you, and you can collect that which does.

Life is a never ending process of Perfecting Yourself. Letting your spirit shine bright as the Star you are. A diamond is carbon which has been placed under pressure, and we see its end result. (A women’s best friend) You too are made from carbon.

What good is knowledge if we don’t put it into practice to enhance our life?

This knowledge just becomes a lot of words or thoughts, and NO wisdom is involved. It is a bunch of funny stuff in your head, and nothing in your heart. So to become wise, one must apply the knowledge that you have accumulated at this time, WHILE you travel the journey to your destination.

Don’t live life aimlessly and without purpose, or the small daily insignificant things or problems will start erode you away. Look at the greater picture of all the days put together in the future, but learn from the past and live positively now in the present and get your mind-set right to be truly happy.

Which way is the wind blowing, wind being your mind.

Our state of mind effect’s our moods and surroundings, as our surroundings effect’s our moods if we let it.

Magic is the movement of energy, and a magician is the creator of this energy. What makes it light or dark and magical is the intent.

Every single one of us on this planet is a wizard.

We all create energy through our minds, actions and deeds. So by becoming aware of these thoughts, action and deeds, we create the magical beautiful, fun-filled world we want to live in, or the dark nasty sad world we live in. (The vibration of “heaven” or “hell”) Action = Reaction or boomerang effect. What you throw out comes back.

Man has tried to conquer everything outside of himself, and there still is no peace in this world. This can never be achieved as there are too many different forces at play. But when you start to conquer the forces inside of yourself with love and in light, your inner world and our outer world will change and become peaceful.

If we can’t love ourselves, we will not love others, let alone care about them. How can you love yourself if you don’t know yourself.

Know Thy Self

You are more than what you have been told you are.

If there is anything you should invest greatly in, that would be in yourself. Your Soul/Spirit is the only thing that you take with you when you pass through the veil, because that is the REAL you.

You are Soul/Spirit.

Your Earth Body is like a coat you are wearing in this incarnation, when you make the transition we call “death”, you discard this coat which has served you on this Planet of gravity to keep you grounded. Your Soul/Spirit will carry on with your journey in another realm. You cannot get away from the real you, so get to know the real you.

We are all on a journey of Self Discovery, but depends on you whether you go fast or slow, learn now or later.

Your task is to create Peace and Unconditional Love with yourself, which in turn will flow outwards to others.

These are two traits that will bring you into your Master Self.

You will not do this if you do not understand who you are. So if you have programmed yourself or allowed others to programme you in the negative, or lack of self-worth, Through this Book, Today is the day to re-programme JOY, POSITIVITY, and SELF LOVE back in your life.

You choose the direction and the people you want to be with, whether it’s forward, around or even backwards.

So choose wisely.

With Self Realization you will reach different levels in your journey at different times compared to other people you know. The information you receive, and the message doesn’t necessary have the same meaning to another person on their level of their cycle of life, and the raising of their consciousness.

The Sculpture of self is a never-ending process.

So you decide what you want to look like by chiseling and moulding your shape, or personality. You can call back traits that you don’t like and put forward the one’s you do, a process of moulding and carving your seed, that seed grows to be the big “YOU”.

Awareness and imagination are two great tools we have at our disposal.

These books will bring awareness to you so you can start to notice what is going on inside, and around you so you can release your suffering by becoming aware of your every thought, your words you speak, and the actions you perform, so you can take yourself into your Divine kingdom.

We are all trying to achieve the same thing, and that’s living life.

What make us different are the MINDS thoughts.


Ask yourself How big of an IMPACT do I want to have in my Life?

If you want to have a Great IMPACT on your life, then these book will help you to do just that. These books will change your life for the better like it has done for many other beings. Know Thy Self, to become the Master of your Life. To rule, or to be ruled over. That is the question.

What is a Master?


  • An artist of consummate skill.
  • A person who has general authority over others (In this case yourself).
  • A combatant who is able to defeat.
  • Directs the work.
  • Presiding officer.
  • An original creation.
  • An officer who is licensed to command.
  • An authority to teach apprentices.
  • Key that secures entrance everywhere.


  • Someone who has become completely proficient or skilled.
  • Have Dominance or the power to defeat over.
  • Have a firm understanding or knowledge of; be on top.

Only by constantly learning, can you become a Master of your Self.

So where do you start?

Know Thy Self

Alchemy is the transmutation of base metals into gold. Inner alchemy is the process to raise your vibration from dense energy vibration to that of high energy vibration. How do you do that? You may ask. Learn and journey through the 7 major Energy Bodies or Chakras, from the base chakra or earth body to the crown chakra.

At the end of a rainbow you will find a pot of gold.

We are HU (Colour) MAN, our 7 different energy centres are the same as the rainbow, and by Mastering them you will take yourself to the pot of gold which is the Halo in Enlightenment. The Golden Halo around the Masters head is the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”.

Self Discovery is about understanding your own individuality.

It is about finding out your strengths, and weakness. It is about finding out who you are. Design your life from your fantasy world. Manifest this beautiful dream into your Earthly reality by grounding your thoughts. Thoughts are air, manifesting your thoughts is Earth, and you do this through your emotions which is water which brings the fire your spirit alive. We are CO-CREATORS and we create through our thoughts all the time.

When the ego is in operation, it shuts down the heart centre, and when the heart centre is open and in control, it shuts down the ego. It is better to have the heart centre open and to operate from this place.

When you become AWARE OF YOURSELF, you will become Peace and Love, which is connected to the Light.

Quotes from Book: The Mind’s Use-Fullness Depends On Thoughts Of The User

The most incredible architecture

Is the architecture of Self,

Which is ever changing,

Evolving, revolving

And has unlimited beauty and Light inside

Which radiates outwards

for everyone to see and feel.

Gain this knowledge and change your life and live in the style you dream of.

Purchase of these AFFORDABLE Personal Growth Books brings you Powerful Principles to enhance your Personal Development.

It Will Be Your Own Affordable Life-Coaching Book To Guide You.

You are born here, and you die there, what you do and put in between those points is up to you. Choose wisely to make your journey magical, fun and uplifting.

Invest in this knowledge with money that you would spend on junk food. Spend this money on information that is life changing and in something that will nourish your Mind – Body – Soul.

Know Thy self

Are you thirsty for information that will change your life for the better? Education and books brings knowledge. Knowledge is Power, and the Wisdom is to use the Knowledge that you have gained. Practise makes Perfect. Perfect your life and become the Master of your Kingdom.

Through Self-Discovery, you will learn what to sow. Say to yourself and really mean it. I love you and you will reap and taste the Love.

Buy E-book NOW Kindle from Amazon.

The beauty about buying a ebook online, you get it straight away. SO, Review your life today as there is no time like the present, and let these ebook pages and inspiring quotes help you with your learning, and you become your own Life – Coach working at changing your Life at your own pace. The main employment that you do, should be the employment of correct thoughts, action and deeds. Energy creates energy, so create the correct energy to become more mobile and energetic.

Become your own Life-Coach. Money is a means to an end. Self discovery should be the beginning, middle and end. For sale today and take action to review your meaning to life. You will sing sweet uplifting songs when you do. Click here to purchase your affordable book copies of these life changing books.

You will gain simple but very effective philosophy techniques when Purchasing these books ‘The Mind’s Use-Fullness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User’ and “Today…We are going to fly high” . SO, bring Enlightenment into your life through the means of Self Discovery.

Ask yourself – ‘How big of an IMPACT do I want to have In MY Life?’

If I were to bring AWARENESS in to my life TODAY, what would it be?

What do you want more of in Your Life?

  • Abundance
  • Confidence
  • Guidance
  • Inner Radiance
  • Inner Strength
  • Motivation
  • A Life Adjusting Starting Point
  • A Way To Raise Your Vibration
  • Reassurance you on the right path
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Healing
  • Self Love
  • Self Realization
  • Self Transformation
  • To Get Out Of Depression and Re-Occurring Cycles
  • To Raise Your Self Esteem
  • To get Understanding of Why Things Are Happening In Your Life.

If these are the traits YOU are looking for to bring into Your Life, then these books The Mind’s Use-Fullness Depends On The Thoughts Of The User and Today…We are going to fly high are for you.

Sometimes we all need to go back to basics, to refresh that what we know, to refresh our minds to who we are, and what our purpose is, and to remember the Power we hold within to manifest anything we desire.

Do you know what your Life Purpose is?

Life is so busy that we don’t always take note of the things we say or do. We become auto driven, and not always to our benefit. So we must take notice to make sure our autopilot has our interest at heart. If not, then we need to re programme it to benefit ourselves.

What are the things you are doing regularly that don’t serve and support you?

By taking each of the journey pages separately, there is much you can learn and gain from them, and by working them together with all the other pages then Your Life will really start to change and shine for the better, and your Magnetic Self will draw to you that which you want to create by becoming Aware of your thoughts, action and deeds. We are CO-CREATORS of this Planet.

How can I get the knowledge and information I need if I am not Aware of WHO I AM?

These book will teach every single person something that will help them in and on their journey. This book will guide you on your inner journey and help you understand the role you are playing.

Do You have the Wisdom to use and work with the knowledge you have learnt every day?

Start asking yourself the deep-lying questions about life and the answers will find their way to you to help you discover who you truly are.

What would you like most to be remembered for in Your Life???

Enjoy your journey to your destination…………….

BUY NOW and Transform Your Vibration to that of Love, light, Peace and Enlightenment.



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