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Preparing Yourself For A Job Interview is perfect for school leavers, graduate students and 1st time job applicants. This book is simply written, yet is effective in giving you what you need to get a job and it has helped many of my students get jobs!

You need to be prepared physically and mentally by having a clear, practical and concise step-by-step strategy or roadmap when going for your job interview. You want to be relaxed, sound and look confident. You want to impress the interviewer with your presentation skills so you can be that outstanding candidate they are looking for.

This book has 2 sections: 1st section will lead you through a step-by-step process in what you need to do before, during and after an interview. The 2nd section is Discovering Your Genius: Workbook on Skills Identification and Goal Setting. This workbook will help you discover your personality profile in which you can use in writing your cover letter and resume as well as prepare you for speaking while in the interview. By knowing all this information about yourself will make you more confident in yourself and your abilities. It also has a step-by-step process formula in creating goals for yourself. Without setting goals, you may struggle to find direction!

PART 1 – HOME PREPARATIONS • Deciding what you want to do • Common Mistakes • Knowing your skills, talents, qualities and traits • Job searching • Application process • Things to think about when creating your CV / Resume • Creating your CV / Resume • Know your CV / Resume backwards • Writing a cover letter • Getting directions • Researching the company • What to take with you • Getting groomed • What to wear • Prepare Mentally • Social media sites

PART 2 – AT THE INTERVIEW • What to expect • What to remember while in the interview • Business Etiquette • First Impressions • Body Language • Greetings • How to have a good interview • Understand the interviewers agenda • Branding yourself / Selling your skills • What questions are most asked • What questions to ask • What questions not to ask • How to negotiate your salary • What questions to ask after the offer • When you should NOT take the job • Responsibilities

PART 3 – AFTER THE INTERVIEW • Write down notes about the interview for future reference • Write a thank you note • Follow up


TEMPLATES • Cover Letter • Resume • Thank-you Letter

WORKBOOK – SKILLS IDENTIFICATION AND GOAL SETTING • Life’s satisfaction scorecard Discovering your genius: Understanding yourself and identifying your Core Beliefs: • IQ vs EQ • Attitude • Self talk • Values • Desires • Qualities / Traits • Talents • Skills • Strengths • Weakness • Passion – Hobbies / Abilities • Goals


Interview preparation: Understand yourself before going for that interview, and you will have a greater chance of getting that job you dream of.

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Preparing Yourself For A Job Interview 

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