Know Thyself

Know Thyself and bring love, light, joy and peace into your world.

How do you do this?

Your inner world helps creates your outer world, so become aware of the vibration patterns you are creating and pulling to yourself. Take the time and listen to your thoughts, become aware of the words you speak and take notice of your actions. Then only once you have become aware of these patterns can you change them for the better by using your imagination.

You are more than you are told you are, so take the journey inwards to your own Divine Kingdom and discover a whole new beautiful world. It’s a journey well worth the time and effort. Once your inner world is magical and beautiful, this will manifest in your outer world.
Use your imagination and become aware of the Divine Master inside.

Listen to an Audio Excerpt of “The Master’s Sacred Knowledge”

Know Thyself

Know Thyself

Listen to an Audio Excerpt of “The Master’s Sacred Knowledge”

The book “The Master’s Sacred Knowledge” is full of simple philosophy molded into a story for easy reading and easy understanding. Yet when you take each bit of philosophy individually and work with it, it becomes a very powerful tool to help in transforming one’s life. The Master also talks about the chakric system as well as the universal Laws in which we should get to know and work with-in, which will again help enhance one’s life.

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Know Thyself


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