Transformation and complete metamorphosis of Self – Caterpillar – Butterfly Effect

Personal Development – Taken from “The Master’s Sacred Knowledge” – by Allan Rufus

A Wise Old Master talks to an insecure young man about transforming his life from a negative one into a positive one!  

“It is like a caterpillar that lives on the ground and foliage of plants, it just exists there eating and eating, then one day it starts to spin silk around itself and places itself in a cocoon where it starts to go through the metamorphosis of transformation, and when it has fully developed, it finds its way out of that space and its life becomes different. It has a different imprint, different function and different purpose. Instead of just eating leaves as a caterpillar that seems like destruction, it now pollinates the plants to help bring about new life, and food for other living creatures, including us, man! So the humble butterfly has a worthy cause, and a worthy life, not only looking brittle and beautiful, but fulfilling a Divine purpose for continuation of life on the Divine Planet called Earth.

Now, you can use that rope to wrap around you to create your cocoon and when you are ready you will come out, and break free and fulfil your Divine purpose also being brittle and beautiful, brittle on the outside, but beautiful from the inside which will radiate outwards for everyone to see and feel, and you will help in the continuation of life as the humble butterfly does.

All you need to do from this moment on is alter your thoughts to those of you are worthy, you are love, you can offer love, you are light, you will light other beings’ paths and you are peace, and you can live in peace, and the rest of the good vibrations will be attracted to you to help bring about your transformation. So like the life cycle of the butterfly which has three stages, so do we, we start as a baby then become the teenager or student and then we leave home and become the teacher, as well as staying the student. What do you choose young Master?” smiled the happy old man.

Transformation and complete metamorphosis of Self - Caterpillar - Butterfly Effect

Transformation and complete metamorphosis of Self – Caterpillar – Butterfly Effect

“The Masters Sacred Knowledge is a must read for anyone that is genuinely seeking real, lasting and quantifiable “change” in their personal lives. True, there may already an abundance of self help books out there at the moment. But rarely have I read one as insightful or plainly written as the “Master’s Sacred Knowledge”. Not only is it a great introduction to some of the core principles of spirituality and living a simpler, better life, it’s very words seems to speak to a deeper part of “self” that needs to be nurtured and cared for. A real gem of a book and one that I am sure to read over and over! I’m glad it found its way to me.” Charles Anthony McFaulds

“THE MASTERS SACRED KNOWLEDGE – is a very rare book that deals with the positive hidden elements in a person. Today we are all surrounded by worries, trouble & negative forces. This is a book that gives us an insight to counter these forces that tend to slow down /destroy our development in this fast changing world.
I would recommend this book to all who want to excel in life & face this world very bravely. This is a book MUST for all those who have lost all hope in life.
This book gives us the key to open our inner energies & win over the world.”


“We live together in this life, along this amazing journey to learn, to grow and to love. And every now and then, we come across some inspiration, an epiphany that alters the path ever so slightly but makes sure we learn what we need to learn. Along this journey we also have choice. This God-given gift is so precious.

There comes a time in life when we realise that life is not only about making money and driving a nice car. Yes, we need to live because nothing is free, but we can achieve the same material goals with God in mind all the time… we can dedicate everything to that Supreme Infinite and then life becomes blissful. It is at this time when we seek spiritual guidance. It is known and has been said that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’

The Master’s Sacred Knowledge, by Allan Rufus, is one such teacher. This is indeed a ‘key to your inner treasure.’ The text itself flows well, is very easy to understand and offers practical daily advice. Allan is indeed an honest and sincere spiritual individual – truly noted by his courage to publish such a book. What I love about this style is that you can read from cover to cover, or simply ask yourself a question and flip the book open – read the chapter and use it as your inspiration for the day. Take it, with an open heart, and enjoy it!”

Body and Mind

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The Master’s Sacred Knowledge will change your life ONLY if you are ready, and Open Minded.

Smiling Eyes - Sacred Master Key

Smiling Eyes – Love Self and Love Life


Personal Development becomes fun once you start!


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