Listen to a FREE Personal Development Audio Book – The Master’s Sacred Knowledge

The Master's Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus

The Master’s Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus

ONLY YOU can make a difference in YOUR LIFE!  

Click here to listen   If you enjoy the Audio book, get the very affordable ebook or paperback version for yourself, or to give someone a life changing gift! Thanks for your support!

“This was excellent and should leave anyone who takes the time to really listen to it in a better frame of mind and with tools to live a better life.  The information is organized in a nice easy to understand story line and at the same time dispensing real life lessons for living a better and more joyful life.  Well done.”  Dan

“Finally! A book written for anybody to understand. Whether you are beginning a journey to enlightment for the first time, or whether you have read hundred of Spirituality books. This is a MUST for everybody!! Written by a true Master!!! BEST BOOK EVER!!! Enjoyed every single word. Thank you!!!!” – Lucia

The Master’s Sacred Knowledge will change your life ONLY if you are ready, and Open Minded.


The Master’s Sacred Knowledge – A key to your inner treasure.

The Master’s Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus in Paperback!

The Master’s Sacred Knowledge by Allan Rufus in EBook!

Blessings of Love, Light and Peace.

Allan Rufus


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