Inner Strength

Inner Strength  Ebook Or Paperback   /  For Goal Setting * Personal & Business Development Tools And Strategies * Self Improvement * Life Coaching Courses and other Tools to enhance your life and well-being, plus much much more…

“My inner strength IS my outer foundation!” – Allan Rufus

“My inner strength IS my outer foundation!” – Allan Rufus

All manifestations are created from with-in, whether you are conscious or un-conscious of it! What you play out in your inner world, reflects and projects and manifests in your outer world. So if you are not happy with your outer world, see what you are creating and projecting in your inner world / self. It all starts with-in!

Love and peace and happiness are inner feeling or emotions. Have and feel those inside yourself, and you will reflect those in your outer world, and that’s what you will attract back.

That’s the Cosmic Universal Law! Cause and effect! Everything is Mental!

My Inner Strength IS My Outer Foundation!" - Allan Rufus

My Inner Strength IS My Outer Foundation!” – Allan Rufus


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For Personal Development - Spiritual and Personal Growth. Inspire your self and become your OWN Life Coach. You are the Master of your own reality, and how you think makes a HUGE difference in the outcome of your life. "Your inner strength is your outer foundation" Allan Rufus Know Thy Self. for Personal and Spiritual Growth Books.
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